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For the best in commercial and residential outdoor lighting installations, countless customers have trusted in Christman Electrical Contracting for quality and reliability. Whether you’re looking to decorate a garden or augment your security, we have the expertise to install the right kind of lighting system to fit your needs. We supply lighting products from the best manufacturers in the residential and commercial lighting industry, for a wide variety of lighting systems ranging from attractive and inviting to practical and durable.

As with all major electrical work, installing landscape & security lighting in Napa should be done by a licensed professional. If not wired correctly, lighting systems have the potential to cause fire or injury. At Christman Electrical Contracting, our technicians are fully trained in the proper installation of all lighting types, to ensure your home or business is well-lit, safe, and secure. We’re licensed and insured, and we guarantee our work.

Landscape Lighting

A nice garden, yard, or walkway can be made beautiful with the right kind of lighting. Lighting your landscape also brightens it up for safety and for nighttime socializing. Store-bought outdoor lighting products are often flimsy, and don’t have the upscale look of a professionally designed and installed landscape lighting system. We can improve your Napa home’s value and appeal with high quality outdoor lighting that will transform your property from ordinary to gorgeous.

Security Lighting

It’s a wise choice for homes and businesses to use security lighting with their other safety measures. Bright nighttime lighting in key areas inside and around a property has been shown to discourage intruders. From timed lights to bright motion-activated security spotlights, we know how to install the right kind of security lighting, in the right places, to give your property maximum security.

For the highest quality landscape & security lighting in Napa, trust the experts in electrical and lighting systems. Give Christman Electrical Contracting a call today to set up your consultation to see what type of lighting is right for your home or business.